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Cancellation Policy

Please note I have a 48 hour Cancellation Policy - you must provide me with at least 48 hours notice before your appointment to cancel it.

If this notice isn't received, then a £15 charge will be levied to you, this is usually the loss of your deposit.

This includes if you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment, as we will not have time to complete a treatment.

The reason I must do this is the loss of income, as it's highly unlikely I can refill that space within that time.  Just 2 late cancellations a week leads to a significant loss of income for me.  If you have booked my time, please be respectful of it as I am of yours.

I hope you can understand the reasoning for this.  Thanks - Kelly 

What to expect

When you book your 1st appointment you will be sent some intake forms to complete and return - please ensure you have completed these as best you can, especially including medication information, and return to me.  


Your 1st appointment will be spent taking your medical history, discussing your reasons for looking for treatment and what you are looking to achieve.  I will prepare a treatment plan with you and talk you through the process and what will happen during your sessions.  Although I tend to be very thorough with my explanations, please do ask any questions you may have at all.

Remember this is your treatment and we're both here for your benefit - so let's be sure you're comfortable.

Then we will have your 1st treatment.  Please wear loose clothing to your appointments that particularly allow easy access to the legs and arms - you can bring clothes to change into privately if you like.


Generally I will need to see you for at least 6 sessions for most conditions or 3 cycles for fertility/gynae treatment.

Acupuncture is an accumulative treatment, which means each treatment builds on the last getting stronger and longer lasting.  So although it's normal to notice changes & improvements after each treatment, a significant change is normally noticed after approx. treatment 3/4 - everyone is different.

A course of Acupuncture is considered to be 6 treatments.  If you have a chronic condition, it may be that you will need maintenance sessions following your course of treatment, it depends on the individual but this can range anything from monthly to 4 times a year.

For best results, a weekly treatment for your course is recommended, Acupuncture is more efficient in the initial stages the closer the treatments and quicker results will be seen.  If weekly isn't possible, initial appointments should be no more 2 weeks apart.

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