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My Story

In 2017 I decided to embark on a Degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.  At the time, I was an Accountant.  When I tell you the horror was real when I realised I had to get up close and personal and actually touch people!  Although I don't know what I expected!  

I met some wonderful people and the course definitely pushed me outside of my comfort limits, but I learned so much about myself as a person.  I learned things I thought I would hate, I loved and I was good at.


I learned how good I was with other people and how much joy it brought me to see someone return following a treatment and tell me how much I helped them.  I learned that everyone's story is different and we all have different joys and struggles within our lives.

I learned how much I love TCM and Acupuncture and how it has a strong ability to change our lives.


My Approach

Let's talk a bit about working with me & how I can help you.

I pride myself on providing a comfortable & safe environment, where we can chat openly and come to a solution together.

A major part of my ethos is making sure you are happy & comfortable, so you can get the best out of your treatments.  There is no judgement here and being open and honest with each other will help me to get the best course of action for you.

If you've been to your GP numerous occasions and don't feel you are getting listened to, if you're taking medications to mask symptoms or feel you will always need to suffer with your condition - come work with me and see how I can help you.

Acupuncture can help with many health issues, so if you're looking to work with someone who is professional, knowledgeable, kind and effective, please get in touch.

What to expect:

Your 1st appointment will always be longer, as we will have a full consultation where I will take medical history, your pulse & tongue diagnosis and we will chat about why you're looking for treatment.

Sometimes I may ask uncomfortable questions (e.g - some people don't like talking about bowel movements, or admitting they have been feeling angry) and you can always, always choose not to answer.  But it's worth noting the more honest you are with me, the better a treatment I can provide to you.

For mental & gut health, or other general conditions - I would ask you to commit to having at least 6 sessions with me, having treatment at least fortnightly, for full benefit.

For gynaecology & fertility - I would ask you to commit to at least 3 full menstrual cycles with me, having treatment weekly, at least fortnightly.

Acupuncture is an accumulative therapy - so you will likely see improvements after each session - but each treatment builds onto the next, making it stronger and more effective and lasting longer each time.   The closer together you are able to have your treatments at the beginning, the quicker we will see results.

Sometimes it can take a little longer than the times stated above - particularly if you've had an issue for a long time or it's complex.  

It's normal for some patients to move onto a maintenance schedule following treatment - for some it's once every 6-8 weeks, for others it can be a few times a year.  Again, everyone is different.

Needles are single use, sterilised needles, which are put into a sharps bin and destroyed correctly once used.  Fresh needles are always used and a needle won't even be used twice on yourself - e.g if I have to reposition a needle, I will dispose of the old one and use a fresh one.

All hygiene practices are fully adhered to.  I am a member of The British Acupuncture Federation and the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians - who are governing bodies in the U.K for Acupuncture and have a strict set of standards that I am contracted to adhere to.

I am also fully registered, licenced and inspected by Sunderland Council both as an Acupuncturist and the clinic premises.

If you ever have any questions whilst in the clinic - please do ask me.

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