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Treatments & Info

Hello & thank you for visiting.  Take a minute to read the below info before making your appointment.

Please note that for any 1st Consultation & Treatment - you may book this online, unfortunately if you do not respond to initial queries or return digital forms, your appointment may need to be rescheduled until this is completed.

Appointments for new patients require initial preparation and checks, for this reason as a new patient please do not attempt to book an appointment with less than 3 days notice

Please either email -  or text me on:  07999 138 035 if you have any queries at all.

There's only me dealing with admin - so I may take up to 24 hours to get back to you on occasion - but I will get back to you.

The business is closed Saturday - Monday - any messages left on those days will be answered on Tuesday

Booking Policy

For all new patients booking your initial appointment please choose:

* Acupuncture 1st Consultation & Treatment for general acupuncture

* Fertility 1st Consultation & Treatment for fertility work

* Facial Acupuncture 1st Consultation & Treatment for cosmetic acupuncture

For all follow on appointments, please choose '(relevant choice) Follow on appointment'

This is designed to allocate sufficient time for your appointment, depending on the reason for treatment.

Book Online


Acupuncture 1st Treatment & Consultation

1.5 hr


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Acupuncture Follow on Treatments

1 hr 


Facial Acupuncture 1st Consultation

2.5 hr 


Facial Acupuncture Follow on


2 hr 


Fertility 1st Consultation & Treatment

1 hr 30 min


Fertility Follow on Treatments

1 hr 


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